Miranda Weston-Smith

Miranda Weston-Smith provides business development services in marketing, new venture development and technology transfer for life sciences companies and research organisations.   

She is a graduate in Natural Sciences, New Hall, University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Linnean Society, and Member of the US Association of University Technology Managers.   

For seven years, Miranda worked at Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge as a Technology Manager.   For projects ranging across gene technology, new medical compounds, diagnostics, biomaterials, sensors and software, Miranda secured partners in Cambridge, elsewhere in the UK, and overseas to invest in their development.   She helped researchers start up companies and attract seed funding.

From 1992-2000, she was a consultant in technology transfer, including a year in the US.  She carried out technology audits, advised on the development of science parks, and initiated and implemented the UKs annual survey of technology transfer.   Earlier (1987-1992), at the seed capital firm Cambridge Research and Innovation Limited, she contributed to the formation of Cambridge Positioning Systems and Cambridge Display.  She has also edited and co-edited nine science books.