Chris Stanley

Dr Chris Stanley is a Principal Associate with Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech

A biochemistry graduate from University College, London with a Ph.D. from St Johnís College, Cambridge, Chris is an internationally known commercial scientist who has had a broad-based career in consultancy, R&D and business management.

In his consulting career Chris was Chief Scientist and Manager of the Biotechnology Group at Scientific Generics before founding Ivotech and co-founding Bio Design Group, both technology-focused international consulting firms.

During the last ten years Chris has worked closely with senior management in over 40 European and US companies as a key advisor on issues relating to science, technology and intellectual property management, particularly in the fields of drug discovery, drug delivery and diagnostics. He has also taken interim management roles on behalf of clients, acting at the Technical Director/Senior Vice President level in a number of development stage companies and consulting firms.

Chris has also acted as an advisor to venture fund managers and investment banks in evaluating and valuing technology investments and acquisitions and in helping develop decision criteria for such investments.

Chris has published 40 scientific posters and papers and is an inventor, or co-inventor of 25 published patents.

He is currently CEO, Microsens Biotechnologies, London, UK - a biotechnology company developing diagnostics and drug discovery technologies